Friday, May 2, 2008

{ IT-KELANTAN } (Ariel Sharon Today)...

Ariel Sharon (Israeli Prime Minister)

All are aware in the world that, he is the only person responsible for lots
and lots of damage in Palestine ....
And today he is in such a position (Please see below picture). The media
all over the world is quite, feeling shame to publish/ show Sharon on any
world news.
For your information, he is lying in coma since years, and no doctor is
able to find the correct disease.

No life - No death, this is the result of killing thousands of innocent
people in Palestine .
What we do in this world, we have to taste, before we leave this on our
heavenly abode.

We are sure "Modi" is next in the list of ALLAH.

Please recite "Astaghfaar" as much as possible………


Nor Hasni Hassan
Pembantu Perpustakaan Kanan

Tel : 03-88856521


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