Tuesday, November 4, 2008

{ IT-KELANTAN } Peluang untuk rakan ICT

Vacancy:Sharepoint Developer,KL
Vacancy:Sharepoint Developer

Job description

In order to reinforce our teams, we are looking for a Sharepoint developer
/ architect with proven experience.

You are familiar with:

* Customizing and Branding Sites through Sharepoint Designer and
Sharepoint Object Model
* Webparts Development
* Setup and Configuration of Sharepoint Services & Server
* Site Provisioning : Site Definitions and Features
* Web Content Management modules
* Enterprise Search functionalities

This if of course complemented with a strong background in .NET 2.0
development, XML/XSLT and the SQL server databases.

**- Working experience with Lotus Domino & Lotus scripting will be


- An Established company with approximately 70 staff
- Medical insurance benefits provided
- Location: Near KLCC (10 minutes walk from KLCC Putra LRT)

Terima kasih kepada sdr. Nixk code atas makluman yang diberikan.

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